How Mustard Oil Benefits your Health??


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Sep 3, 2012


Mustard oil (Sarson ka tel)
is formed by the distillation of mustard seeds and water. This one is found in concentrated and flavorful form which is used in many cooking recipes, mainly Asian cuisines. It has been used from centuries to cure many diseases and as an aphrodisiac. Mainly, in India and Bangladesh, its used for both edible and external application purposes. It contains some fine anti-bacterial, stimulant and appetizing properties. So, find out some of its important health benefits for your body right here..

Important Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

Stimulant- This oil works as a fine stimulant which helps in improving many health conditions. Its external application heals circulation and upon consuming, it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile in the spleen and liver organs. So, a better digestion health is formed with its use.

Appetizer- It irritates the inner lining of the stomach and intestine. This process boosts the formation of digestive juices which makes you feel hungry.

Diaphoresis- This means increasing the process of body sweating. Mustard oil helps to stimulate the sweat glands. This makes the skin pores large forming an outlet for the removal of toxins and excess body water. For this, you can use it both externally and internally.

Anti-bacterial- It possesses some fine anti-bacterial values. So, it helps to treat the attack of a bacterial infection in the colon, digestive system, excretory system and urinary tract. If you apply it externally, then it wards-off a skin infection as well.

Tonic- Mustard oil works as a wonderful tonic that helps to shape-up the health of the body extremely strong. It does this favor by increasing your immunity level.

Anti-fungal- The anti-fungal nature of this oil helps to strip-off any fungal infection, mainly from your skin.

Other benefits- It can heal the problems of cold, cough, headache, congestion and body aches.

*The use of this oil is not suggested for pregnant women as its hot in nature and can cause some severe complications.


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Jul 26, 2012
I fully agree with you Gkarti. In north India people are using only the Mustard oil. But we may not like the smell of the dishes made using this oil. but its nutritional value is enormous. thanks

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