How to apply beautiful and variety of mehndi designs in hands


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Jun 28, 2011

Application of mehndi in bridal hands is very important as it adds some beauty to them. Mehndi are now commonly done at ordinary days but in festival time and marriage season it is widely done. If we want the mehndi to be good at color and allergy free then you can collect the mehndi leaves from tree and apply in hands.

Steps to be followed for good looking mehndi designs in hands

1) Try to put mehndi via leaves from mehndi however that is not possible for all cases so now be careful in selecting the brands of cone. Always select the Singh mehndi cone.

2) Now cut the tip of the cone very carefully. If the tip is cut widely then thin designs of mehndi will not appear proper on hands.

3) Now collect some pictures of mehndi in book or via net depending on the complexion of the persons color and then start applying the design.


4) For bridal women mehndi mixed with some henna paste would be applied so that it will add some color to it.

5) Besides cone and manual preparation of mehndi, it can also be applied via pencil like cones, paint brushes, syringes.

6) If the person needs to apply mehndi in few minutes or quicker way then they can prefer stencils. They can place the stencils in the hand and then apply mehndi paste in hand and then remove it.

7) After applying mehndi and when it dries up, take some water and mix up little sugar in it and take a piece or bit of cotton. Now dip the cotton in that water and then gently apply in the design.

8) Be extra careful in applying that sugar water sees to that the design is not being affected. After 3 to four hours or after full night remove that design wash it through water and immediately apply oil in it. Design will attractive everyone with good nature.

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