How to apply makeup for oily skin

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    • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! It is important to do this first and foremost before starting anything! Recommended is Oatmeal and Honey scrub. Also suggested is any moderate facial scrub rather than a cream or foam cleanser for this will help get rid of all the dead skin cells. Gel cleansers are great, too.

    Moisturize. After each wash always moisturize before putting on your makeup. Yes, it's tempting to just skip it , but the key is for your makeup to stay on and by this, it will help perfect your look. You want to always stick to oil-free moisturizers, and make sure it is water based. Recommended is Moisturizing gel for oily skin. And

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    Get ready for makeup. Every oily skin is different, but they should all use an oil-free foundation. It just fills in pores very nicely and it leaves a nice finish on the skin. You want to apply the foundation with the palms of your fingertips in order to heat it up a bit. Using a foundation brush or stifling brush might not give you the best coverage. Smashbox's Oil-Free high definition foundation is chosen over all other foundations. Mixing a little moisturizer in with the foundation can also make the application more even.

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    After your foundation is applied, let it set in for 5-10 minutes before you apply a translucent powder or a setting powder. (You can be on to eye makeup during this time!) Using a face powder brush, you want to sweep the powder lightly onto the face, making circles on the cheeks. Make sure to target the forehead and bridge of the nose as well. We use powder so that way the oils on our face will set in.You want to be sure it is a light powder that is in the shade according to your foundation to make it more natural.

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