How to apply makeup yourself using some makeup tips


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Jun 28, 2011

Everyone wants to be beauty forever. Beauty is a powerful thing that will increase your confidence in all aspects. During occasions, all likes to makeup themselves to increase their beauty. The makeup tips will always be a part of one’s beauty. The following makeup tips will help you in your makeup.

Here are some makeup tips:

1) Before starting the makeup session, wash your face thoroughly using a mild soap. It will give some moisturize to your skin.

2) Always get eyebrows plucked and hair waxed for at least every gap intervals. Choose your hair remover, which is suitable for your skin condition. The hair removers will not an allergic one for your skin.

3) Avoid thick lines of eyeliner and use mascara to your eyes with correct amount. Because too much of mascara will give bad look.

4) Make use of light color eye shadows, it will make your eyes bright and the look of eyes will be nature.

5) Use some moisturizer before applying lipsticks. Avoid some foundations and lip gloss on the lips.

6) Some will have an oily skin, so application of moisturizer will not suit their skin.

7) Apply lip liner evenly all over the lips before startup with the lipstick. Lipstick cannot hold for a longer time in our lips, so the lip liner is used to give it a base lining and long life.

8) To highlight your cheeks and face, use light or shimmer-type product lightly on the top of cheeks. This will give better appearance for your cheeks.

9) Use dark color eyeliner will make your eyes smaller and it will give worst impression on your eyes. The use of natural color eyeliner will looks great.

10) Have your own way of smile will add up more beauty to your face at all times. Smile is the root cause for all things. Keep on smiling will make you beauty forever.

Beauty will not made by anyone. It will not given by anyone. It is always with us. So using the above makeup tips make yourself always beauty.


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Sep 19, 2011
hai sumathi

nice tips. thanks


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