How To Avoid Split Ends During Summer


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
If you want to have long tresses or even mid length tresses, slit ends might haunt you a lot. Split ends tend to appear on dry and brittle long hair but can develop on shorter hair as well. While there are hundreds of products on the market that claim that split ends can be repaired the fact is that the hair doesn’t have regenerative properties so split ends cannot be repaired in any way once the damage has been done. Preventing split ends by embracing a good hair care routine or trimming our hair are the only viable options that really work.

Most women when faced with split ends reach for a pair of scissors. Trimming is not the answer to split ends. In most cases you will instead end up with rough edges and more split ends. While daily wear and tear will cause some hair to be damaged, split ends can become a recurring problem. Understand the nature of your split ends and look for a permanent solution.

  1. Avoid using excessive styling products like hair sprays and gels. These styling products will strip out sebum and dry out your mane. Making hair more susceptible to breakages
  2. Minimize or stop using products that contain chemicals. The list includes dyes, perms, etc. if you should them then you should limit their use to twice a month.
  3. Avoid applying heat on your tresses. Stay away form heating tools such as the blow-dryer, straighteners, hot rollers or curlers. Heat will dry out your locks and cause breakages and damage.
  4. To avoid splits from occurring do not over wash or shampoo your mane. And avoid using hot water on your locks.
  5. Make sure you cut all spilt ends and dead ends. Split ends will run down to the root of your hair if not removed. So cut all damaged hair once every eight weeks
  6. Avoid wearing tight hair styles as they will pull and tug at your tresses and will cause splits and damage.
  7. Watch you diet - Split ends may result from lack of proper nutrition. A healthy body always means healthy hair. If you’re not getting enough protein and vitamins your hair may turn brittle.
  8. Dry scalp - A dry scalp can be a major cause of split ends. Nourish your scalp with warm oil treatments. Consult with your doctor on supplements of vitamins A and D found aplenty in almond oil.
  9. Friction - Harsh combing, back combing and brushing damp hair can lead to split ends. You can reduce your chances of getting split ends greatly by first drying your hair gently with a soft towel. Always comb with a detangling serum and a wide toothed comb. Also avoid synthetic pillow-covers. Soft muslin and cotton are the best options. Also avoid hairstyles that require excessive manipulation and tugging.
  10. Hard Water - Do check the salt content in your water supply. Sometimes the cause of our problem is so ubiquitous it ironically escapes our notice. Hard water can be a major culprit in causing split ends.
  11. Heal as you prevent - While you tend to the causes to prevent more damage, heal your hair by using natural conditioners like eggs; various oils like carrot, almond and coconut; traditional Indian herbs such as amla and shikakai.

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