How to be at diet during rainy season?


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Jun 28, 2011

November month is the beginning month for rainy season in regards with the India’s climate season. Rainy season acts as a birth time for much water Bourne diseases. It’s not just necessary to stay indoors or away and safe during rainy season or regular checkups alone can’t maintain us healthy. Only a healthy diet can protect us from within ourselves.

Drinking water:

• Water Bourne diseases are 80% due to impurity in water and drinking unclean and bacteria full water.

• So, boil and cool the water before drinking

• Use some special filters, filter them and then drink the waters.

• Even the filters have to clean twice in a month and they have to be sterilized.

Things to be done at diet: (DO’S)

1) Micro nutrients are very essential to fight against infection and so intake of vegetable soup is good for health

2) To boost immunity and to provide Vitamin C, use some lime in salads and seasonings.

3) If you get wet in rain then use warm water to clean up your body and as to kill germs.

4) Wear only clean and dry clothes. The footwear should also be dry and clean.

5) Taking up lime tea when the cloudy and dark weather will boost up one’s mood and refresh them.

6) Taking up hot Rasam for easy digestion is appreciable.

7) Taking by fresh vegetables or boiled vegetables or some apple, carrot along with lime in the salad is the best food consumable.

Things not be done: (DON’TS)

1) Before drinking water outside try to know its source and taste and at worst case buy bottle water and drink but packet water is strictly prohibited.

2) Avoid the consumption of green leafy vegetables when it is raining outside as they may cause some stomach upsets.

3) Those who suffer from wheezing problem avoid juices and cool items.


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Apr 4, 2011
useful information Sumathi sis.....

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