How to be confident around men


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Jul 5, 2011
How to be confident around men

If you're a shy and introvert woman, it will be especially more difficult for you to be comfortable, while socialising with people of the opposite sex. A few tips on how you can get over the nervousness of interacting with men.

Good body language: Believe it or not, more than the way you dress up or the way you pancake your face with make-up, it's your body language that leaves a lasting impression on a guy. Your body language, especially your posture plays an important role in building your confidence. They way you carry yourself will reflect in your behaviour too. So straighten your back and walk with your shoulders back — it will make you appear more confident.

Mingle without feeling conscious: Unless you mingle and socialise more often, you won't get many chances to boost your confidence. You need to start mingling with men — especially those with different personalities or from various walks of life — without feeling shy. This way, you'll know how different men react, and how you can one approach and start a conversation. After all, practice makes you perfect.

Don't talk yourself out of things: Whether it's taking the decision of going to a party where they will meet many guys or the thought of initiating a conversation with someone, women often have the habit of talking themselves out of it. It's okay to have second thoughts but make sure you go out there and show how awesome you are. Let your personality shine!


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Jul 26, 2012
Very nice suggestions you have given to us for being confident around men. this is very much essential in today's world because female is entering into each and every field where male domination was there once upon a time. thanks viji

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