How to Become Fair Naturally


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to Become Fair Naturally

Indians have always held a fascination for fair skin. Our dusky and olive skin tones have better sun-protecting abilities than what fair skin offers. Yet, we make a deep association of fair complexion with beauty. So what can you do to lighten your skin tone and become fair? Read on.

1. If you have a bathtub, then pour two cups of whole cream milk into the water, add a lemon and throw in a couple handfuls of ground oats. While you soak in the warm water, the natural skin bleaching properties of milk and lemon will work away at your skin. Oats have exfoliating, nourishing as well as lightening qualities. You will see your overall skin tone become fairer by doing this twice a week for a month.

In case you do not have a bath tub, then you can soak some freshly cut lemon slices in a cup of milk, strain after an hour, add two spoons of rosewater and thicken with yoghurt. This paste can be used as a natural skin whitening cream.

2. Exfoliate your face regularly. Dead cell buildup makes the skin look dull and darker than it really is. Allow fresh skin cells to grow by timely removal of dead skin, and you’ll see a natural glow. If you want to become fair naturally, exfoliation should become a regular part of your beauty regime.

3. When you choose your daily use skin creams, look for an ingredient called hydroquinone. This is a melanin inhibitor. Melanin is responsible for pigmentation in our skin and inhibiting it makes us look fair. When you use a cream with this ingredient, you must never forget to apply sunscreen outdoors, because hydroquinone reduces skin’s melanin content, making us more prone to sun-damage.

4. You can bleach tanned areas such as the face, neck and even hands and feet with one of the cosmetic bleaches available in the market to become fair.

5. Swimming in chlorinated water regularly (but not in the sun) will also lighten overall body skin tone as chlorine is a bleaching agent.

6. Make a face pack with turmeric, olive oil and ground gram flour (besan) and use on a regular basis for exfoliating and lightening complexion. Turmeric also adds a golden glow to the face, which helps you become fairer.

7.For a fair complexion, mix equal amounts of egg white and lemon juice. Heat on a frying pan till it thickens. Cool in the refrigerator. Applying this paste on your face and neck daily will show a gradual lightening of skin.

8. Mash a few quarter of a cucumber along with the skin. Apply this paste all over face and neck and keep for 20 mins before rinsing.

9. Honey, milk, lemon, oatmeal and brown sugar can be combined to make an excellent fairness scrub at home.

10. Another great recipe for fair skin is fennel seeds brewed in water. Fennel seeds are commonly known as saunf in India. You must boil 2 tsps of saunf in a glass of water for an hour on low flame. The water will reduce significantly by this time. Strain out the saunf and add a tbsp of buttermilk or curd whey to this preparation. Apply all over face and neck. Rinse off after 15 mins.

11. Use the pulp of papaya to cleanse twice a week to become fair. Or you can use premade papaya face packs and face washes by popular cosmetic companies. But fresh is always better.

12. Buy a serum containing vitamin C to regularly dab on your face for a fair look. Vitamin C is a natural bleach. The natural alternative to this is lemon, used in most face packs for fair skin, for it is a great source of vitamin C. Applying a mix of lemon juice and yoghurt once daily can show results in as little as two weeks.

13. Always use a good sunscreen of adequate SPF content as per the sun conditions of wherever you stay to maintain your fair complexion. In summers, one usually needs SPF 40 to 60 depending on the harshness of the sun and your exposure to it. Even in cloudy weather, a minimum of SPF 20 is required in most Indian cities.

14. Incorporating many fruits and veggies in your diet and drinking tons of water will ensure you get the right vitamins and antioxidants essential for healthy and fair skin. Dull and dry skin tends to look darker. Keep your skin hydrated if you want to appear fair.

15. Consuming fish oil capsules or eating flaxseeds will nourish your skin with omega fatty acids and keep it younger-looking, fresh and supple. Healthy skin is a must if you wish to become fair, because faults and damage show much more on fair complexions.

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