How to bounce back after a long illness


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to bounce back after a long illness

A long bout of illness takes a toll on you, here's how to spring back

You've been stuck indoors because of a long illness and have just started going out, to run errands or go to work. Here's how to get rid of the post illness symptoms and build you stamina.

1. The right food: You must eat a balanced diet to regain all that strength you have lost out on. Eat healthy and don't attempt to go on a diet or shun food. Ensure proper meals to get some strength back into your body.

2. Light exercises: To gain stamina and build it up from scratch, you must do extremely light exercise, like a 15-20 minute walk or climbing a few flight of stairs. Yoga asanas and pranayamas are also great when it comes to stamina building.

3. Don't over exert: Don't do anything that strains your body even a little. It is important that you exercise but not so much that you land up on the sick bed again.

4. Meet people: You have been isolated for a long time and so for your mental and psychological well being it is important that you meet friends and socialize.

A right mix of food, exercise and friends will ensure you bounce back with double the energy!

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