How to care for your ears


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Jul 5, 2011
How to care for your ears

It is a very familiar sight to spot youngsters, collegians, work commuters hooked to earphones and listening to their favorite music on iPods, MP3s, etc.

Listening to it is okay, but a lot of exposure to loud noise can severely damage your ears. Moreover, it can cause permanent hearing loss in the long run. In order to keep your hearing healthy, you should be aware of how much loud sound you can be exposed to.

Use earplugs
The louder the noise and the longer you're exposed to it, the greater the chance of damaging your hearing.

Protect your ears with ear protectors like earplugs or earmuffs, and get away from the noise as quickly or as often as you can.

Invest in the best
Opt for noise cancelling headphones, or go retro with older muff-type headphones.

The ear bud earphones are less effective because they tempt you to increase the volume and hence cause more harm.

Let your ears rest
Don't stay jacked in to your iPod or your MP3 player for prolonged periods of time.

Use it for some time and then let your ears rest for a while.

Turn down the MP3
Don't listen to your personal music player at very high volumes, which can kick out the background noise.

Know what is loud
If the music is uncomfortable for you to listen to or you can't hear external sounds or your neighbor can hear your music when you've got your headphones on, then it's too loud.

It may be cool, but it can kill your ear hair line.

Make rules
Adopt a certain rule, like listening to the music at not more than 50% and not more than 90 mins etc.

Treat them
Don't use cotton buds to clean your ears. Instead, put a drop of olive oil in each ear once a week to help wax exit naturally.

Use the technology effectively
If your MP3 player has a 'smart volume' feature, use it.

It will help you regulate the volume, and won't allow you to increase the volume even if your favorite song is on.

Once you notice any damage to your headphones, replace it. Don't wait for it to completely get ruined.

Don't delay
Get medical help if you think your hearing is not as good as it used to be. Act on it, as soon as you notice some problem with your ears.
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