How to cut hair properly and improve hair growth?


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Jun 28, 2011

Gorgeous looking hair is a symbol of a healthy nutrition. Dancing and Bouncing hair reflects good nutrition. Hair care and growth involves lots of care and maintenance of a healthy routine.

Intake of foods rich in protein and vitamins will give you good command over your health and there by improves hair growth also. Including plenty of cereals, fruits and green leafy vegetables will give you great beauty in skin and hair.

One more significant factor to be considered for hair growth is hair cut and regular trimming. In olden days women cut their hair very often. But when any one wants to grow their hair, hair cut is one practice to be made a routine for better growth.

Apart from a healthy diet, good shampoos and conditioners from the market hair cut is also an important act for good growth of hair.

People who are more concerned about healthy hair always hold this question “Is it really necessary to trim hair every six months?” Answer is in positive. Trimming of hair very frequently will improve hair growth.

Conversation with people well known with intricacies of hair growth will often have a doubt over the variations in the time limit over hair cut. But one must understand that the interval is not more than three months.

It also depends upon the condition of one’s hair. About ten weeks is good enough. Main effect of hair cut is that it prevents split ends. It also prevents hair from fraying. People who make use of blow dryers and those who straighten hair are those who must opt out for hair growth often.

If anyone wants to have good growth of hair they must seek hair cut at greater times. This is a fact well accepted by all experts.

Sumathi Srini


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