How to deal with an ex when you meet them


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to deal with an ex when you meet them

How to deal with the ex when you meet them

When they say that the world is round, they are not lying. You bump into people everywhere and the chances of your bumping into his/her ex are high too.

So how do you react when you finally do meet their ex?

1. Be friendly -
Act cordial and be nice to him/her. There is need to overreact neither should you go overboard with the friendliness. You don't want to give them the cold shoulder and be the bad person here.

2. Don't be envious -
Don't act jealous or competitive. Some people think that by sticking close to their partners in the presence of their ex's they are putting the other person down, but the case is actually reverse.

3. Don't be insecure -
You have nothing to be insecure of since your partner is with you and not their ex. There is a reason they broke it off with them. And yet, if you feel that there is genuinely something brewing and they haven't gotten rid of their past, confront it instead of being insecure.

4. Maintain your dignity -
It is important that you maintain your dignity at all times when you meet your partner's ex. Respect yourself and make sure that your partner too treats you with respect when you're around their ex and even otherwise.

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