How to deal with grey hair?


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You may be petrified of seeing that grey hair on your head. But before you jump the gun and try to get rid of your greys, here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about them.

This is the most common fact we’ve about grey hair that plucking one leads to many more greys. But it’s just a common myth. One grey hair doesn’t turn all the surround hair white. But you must pluck your hair as this act can damage your hair follicles.

Just because you have grey hair doesn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain them anymore. They require the same amount of care and grooming as much as your regular pigmented hair. Since they have a coarse texture, they tend to be dull and so need conditioning treatments regularly.

Another myth is a fear that people have when they start getting grey hair. People think graying of hair is a sign of ageing and turning old. But that’s not completely true. Genetics is also responsible for greying hair.

Your hair could also turn grey prematurely if you’re a smoker. So apart from health issues, smoking affects your skin, teeth and hair too.

Source : The Times Of India
I don’t think grey hair is a bothering problem. It is a natural human process that occurs when people get older.
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applying henna to your hair is the best and easy method to prevent hair graying.. just try it. Apply henna twice in a month.. it will make your head feel like cool....:violin:
Thank you very much for the wonderful thread. Nowadays grey hair is the common problem. Not only elders, even students have premature grey.

The disadvantage with pure henna is, it turns the hair colour into reddish brown. The hair become dry and lead to more hair fall. So conditioner is a must when you apply henna.

Any other natural hair dye ideas friends.
All Designs are very beautiful. All designs are unique and nicely designed. Thank you for sharing. In this post given information I very useful and informative. Thank you of sharing.

கருவேப்பிலையை அரைத்துச் சாறு எடுத்து, அந்த சாறு அளவு தேங்காய் எண்ணெய்யை இத்துடன் கலந்து, காய்ச்சி வடிகட்டி வைத்துக் கொண்டு, தலைக்குத் தேய்த்து வந்தால் நரை மறையும்.

செம்பட்டை நிற முடி:

செம்பட்டை நிற முடி உடையவர்கள் மருதாணி இலைகளை அரைத்துக் கலந்து காய்ச்சிய எண்ணெய்யை தேய்க்க வேண்டும்.
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Hi, my grey hair was my problem but since there are a lot of remedies that I can do like coloring my hair and treatments, I don't get that bothered anymore. Thanks also for sharing your ideas about hair care tips for grey hair on this forum. It is very relevant and useful for me.
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