How to do basic first aid?


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Jun 28, 2011

[h=2] [/h]First aid generally refers to initial stage of addressing the needs of a person who has been injured or under a stress like heart attack, allergic reactions and so on. It also means that the person is in the need to have medical emergency. First aid to the person must make him comfort before his correct course treatment.

Steps to perform first aid:

1) If the place that you stand would cause some danger then evacuate the place. The place may be a dangerous scenario to possess toxic gas, smoke, colliding building etc.

2) If the person is unconscious, then remember to do A, B, Cs to him. A-Airway (provide enough airspace), B-Breathing (allow the person to breath), C-Circulation (check for the pulse rate).

3) If the person in the immediate danger of being moved, then move the victim. If the person is under spinal cord injury or hip rips affected then never move him, if moved the injury will be increased.

4) Call to emergency service or inform someone from where you could obtain immediate service for the victim.

5) If the person in an unconscious state even after the A, B, Cs then, shake his head gently, constantly interact and speak with him so that he doesn’t lose mind and he would recover to conscious. Also pour water on face with force.

6) No response comes up from victim, and then makes his neck and head aligned in a posture. Open up the chin to allow some air to move in and out.

7) If you feel that the victim body is cool (chill), then provide so heat to them by rubbing up their hands and foot. Remove their shoes and slippers to have some fresh air presence in their body.

8) If the victim had an accident and when blood is enormous then provide first aid by tying the cloth on to that region where blood flows.

9) Provide medical assistance through first aid kit if there is an immediate need.



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Apr 4, 2011
useful information....
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