How to Eat a Healthy Heart Diet


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Keeping your heart healthy should be important to you. Eating healthy heart foods is the best way to take care of your heart. Try using some of these important tips on your healthy heart diet.


Give grapes to your heart blood vessel. The phenolic compounds in red wine suppress enzymes that restrict blood vessels and inhibit the flow to the heart. Purple grape juice is just as equally a healthy heart food.

Have one bowl of oatmeal a day for your heart, because it provides lots of soluble fiber. It signals the liver to produce less cholesterol. It will also aid digestion and help move cholesterol out of your system.

Get rid of bacteria with carrots for a healthy heart. Crisp vegetables clean your teeth, and chewing triggers the production of bacteria neutralizing saliva, two keys to preventing germs in your mouth from traveling to your arteries. It also stops inflammation in your gums from igniting inflammation in your arteries.

Sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on your food and you will lower you LDL, the bad cholesterol levels. It will also raise you HDL, the good cholesterol.


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