How to eradicate dandruff completely from hair through natural care


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Jun 28, 2011

Is that true that all say that the dandruff can’t be eradicated totally from the hair? Many of the ads imply that dandruff can be cleared out in a single shampoo wash. However, it’s not that simple to clear dandruff completely with the use of different damage causing chemicals in the hair. Nevertheless the natural items could help to provide a better solution to the dandruff problem.

Dandruff is determined as the white stuff which is coming out off the head when you scarp them. If it is at the beginning stage then natural care will vanish them in no matter of time but at very much more advanced stage then it should be treated by the scalp condition treatable doctor.

Steps and items involved in eradicating dandruff:

1) Yogurt:
Yogurt is the best hair conditioner so you wash the hair initially with the shampoo and rinse or rub the yogurt into the scalp for about 15 minutes. Now wash again with the shampoo again. Add two teaspoons of the vinegar in the last wash.

2) Herbs with tea:
Take some fresh and dried herbs. Take warm teapot and add some of the herb in the cup required. Pour this mixture into the warm water and now allow them to either wash the yogurt or directly use them in the scalp.

3) Neem leaves:
Neem leaves are the most bitter and medicinal rich leaves. Take some fresh leaves and grind them finely so that they appear to be a paste for applying. Use little amount of shampoo to wash hair. The smell of Neem might persist for few days but they would wash in some matter of time.

4) Lime:
Before every wash we need to apply oil in the hair and then wash with shampoo. Mix some lemon juice with the oil and apply in the scalp, massage it and leave them aside for 30 minutes. Now wash it up with shampoo and dandruff will be reduced for sure.

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