How to get a dancer’s body


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Jul 5, 2011
How to get a dancer’s body

Strong, toned, flexible and lean - that's how enviable a dancer's body is! And you can get it too, even if you have two left feet. You simply need to tweak your workout routine and makes some diet changes. Here's how...

Workouts to follow

Pilates - to get lean:
Doing pilates is an excellent way to build long and lean muscles in the legs and arms. This routine also improves flexibility and fluidity, as well as helps strengthen your core, resulting in better balance.

Strength training - to be more flexible and agile:
This workout can increase the mobility of joints and flexibility. High Intensity Training (HIT), a challenging form of strength training, is an effective way to enhance body speed and agility. It is a fitness programme that combines a wide variety of weight resistance training and functional movements. It includes pushups, pull-ups, squats, weightlifting, high jumps, gymnastics, running, rowing etc.

Power yoga - to balance the body:
Sun salutations, seated spilt leg stretches, dynamic triangle stretches, warrior stretches, and asanas like the moon and tree poses can increase the balance of your body, create better coordination, strengthen your muscles and also build your stamina.

Pre- and post-workout stretches - to prevent injuries:
Dynamic stretches before the workout help in reducing the risk of injuries, increase range of motion and help in better performance. On the other hand, static stretches post workout help in elongating muscles and increase the range of motion and also help in recovering your heart rate.

Cardio for 30 minutes - to burn calories and fat:
If you have a cardio routine for halfan-hour daily, it will result in calorie deficit, which means you will burn more calories than your body intakes. This will help you to maintain your bodyweight and make you lose excess fat.

What your diet should contain
To achieve a lean and toned body like that of a dancer, your diet must have lean proteins, healthy unsaturated fats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Protein helps build and maintain muscle mass. But certain proteins like meat, full dairy products contain high amounts of saturated fatty acids. These should be avoided and substituted with lean proteins like egg whites, whey, tofu and skinless chicken.

A diet of clean foods will help you achieve the goal faster, as most processed foods contain added sugar, trans fat and saturated fats, leading to increase in calorie intake.

Fats should be consumed in the form of nuts and avocados, and shouldn't be more than 20-25 per cent of your daily calories.

Fruits and vegetables are equally important, as they are a high source of fibre and complete your daily needs of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Whole grains such as brown rice should be taken instead of refined grains. They will help you to reduce belly fat.

Consult an expert before trying these workouts and diets:

Dos & don'ts
Drink at least four litres of water; it is the right way to enhance your metabolism. Add coconut water, lemon water or green tea to your list of beverages. Sleep for at least eight hours a day, as your body needs to recover from the strenuous workout. Weight train using high repetitions and less resistance.

Don't starve yourself;
in the shorter term you will lose weight but in the longer run, you are sacrificing muscles. Don't do endless cardio; instead make your time more effective by doing more intervals. Keep away from instant sugar and also reduce salt intake.


Guru's of Penmai
Feb 13, 2011
That's a good share VG...
Aug 16, 2014
there is workout dvds if you want them go to walmart and ask them, and also do some sit ups and pushups! I am a dancer and i have a dancer body and thats how i got in shape!! hope i helped : )

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