How to Get Fit, Happy, and Healthy

Jun 30, 2015
Hey friends, today i am going to share some important and effective health tips to become fit and healthy

  1. Always drink warm lemon honey water early in the morning.
  2. Go for fast walking or jogging (20-30 mins)
  3. After jogging take rest for 15-20 minutes. Practice first shavasana then pranayama. Pranayama will boost your immune system, release stress and depression, improve your energy and positive thinking. Read more for important seven pranayama
  4. Do not skip breakfast
  5. Do not eat more at a time and eat slowly
  6. Do not eat when you are bored
  7. Try to avoid stress, worry and tension. You can spend some time with pets or you can spend some time with positive people.
  8. Accept stress and be sporty
  9. Do not sit on chair for long time if you are working in office. Keep moving after 30 minutes
  10. If possible go for fast walking or jogging in the evening also. Then pranayama.
  11. If possible avoid junk and fatty food, more tea and coffee.
  12. Drink warm lemon honey water before going to bed. It will clean your stomach.
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