how to get pink lips naturally


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Aug 13, 2011
  • Avoid Hot Bath - The first thing that you should keep in mind if you want to keep your lips looking good and pink is that you should stay away from heat. This means avoid hot showers, hot baths and hot sun. These will take away moisture from your lips and will trigger dryness instead. Use a wax based lip gloss or lip balm when going out in sun to protect your lips from getting dried or faded.
  • Beetroot Juice - Apply juice of beetroot before going to bed. You can also extract juice from a beetroot and apply it 3 - 4 times during daytime. You can also apply this while going out. It will appear like you have used lipstick.
  • Rose Petals - Grind Rose petals and apply before going to bed. Crush 4 - 5 Rose petals and brush them on your lips. You can make lip balm by mixing the crushed rose petals with milk cream and apply it on your lips. This you can apply and keep for 20 minutes and then wash off.
  • Ghee - Natural ghee can improve the health and pinkness of your lips if applied regularly. You can wash it off after sometime. You will not even need a lip balm after that for the whole day.
  • Mustard Oil - Mustard oil has been used to cure dry skin since old times. Here the tip is different. You have to put 1 - 2 drops of mustard oil in your belly buttons before going to sleep at night. It not only heals the chapped lips, but makes it soft and smooth also.
  • Olive Oil - Apply olive oil on your lips before going to take bath. You will never need a lip balm. You can also apply clove oil in the similar way. This oil has antiseptic property
  • Exfoliate - Exfoliating of lips is equally important as the skin. Brush your lips with a smooth brush to get rid of dry skin and flakes.
  • Vitamin E - Apply vitamin E oil at bedtime
  • Honey - Natural honey applied on lips before going to bed helps get naturally pink lips
  • Avoid Smoking - Smoking will turn your lips darker.
  • Watch your Diet - Cut down excess of tea and coffee. Avoid or reduce intake of red wine too. Take a healthy and nutritious diet daily. Vitamin A rich diet will help in making your lips and face look healthy and pink as well.

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