How to Get Rid of Bra Fat


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]How to Get Rid of Bra Fat[/h]
One of the most common complaints among women is bra fat. Bra fat is the fat on the back that rolls over, under and through the bra band. It is sometimes called back fat or the bra bulge. It makes your back look lumpy and your clothes fit awkwardly, and is extremely obvious through fitted clothing. To get rid of back fat, you have to attack it in more than one way.
Step 1
Check your bra fit. One of the main causes of bra fat is an ill-fitting bra. The back band of the bra should be tight enough to fit, but it shouldn't squeeze. If your bra causes indentations, you might want to go see a bra fit specialist to find out your band size. Also, the band should fit straight across, front to back. If your bra rides up in the back, it squeezes in an area that has more skin and fat than your ribcage. Either you need a different size bra, or your straps are adjusted too short. Try readjusting the straps, then see a fit specialist if that doesn't work.
Step 2
Watch what you eat. If it's not just your bra fit, the only way to get rid of bra fat is to lose weight. You can't lose weight in one area alone, so you'll have to lose it overall. Reduce calories, limit your fat intake and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables to start losing weight.
Step 3
Exercise. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories, helping you achieve your weight loss goals faster. It also raises your resting metabolism, so you burn more calories even at rest. Some great examples of cardiovascular exercise include walking, running, swimming and cycling. Try to exercise at least 30 to 60 minutes a day to increase your weight loss. To get rid of your bra fat faster, you need to combine diet and exercise.
Step 4
Add in some strength training. Strength training also increases your metabolism, and it tones your entire body. Most people prefer to break up strength training so that one day the focus is arms and chest, and the next day it's legs and back. Add abdominal exercises to each strength session. The breakup of exercises allows muscle groups to rest and recover before the next training session. While it may seem like strengthening the entire body to get rid of bra fat doesn't make sense, keep in mind that there is no way to reduce fat in just one spot. Try to fit in two or three strength training days a week.
Step 5
Work your problem spot. While you can't spot-reduce a body part, you can make sure that when you lose fat, the skin isn't just hanging there. Push-ups, plank position and extra-strength exercises that focus on the upper back, such as lat pull-downs, help to tone the area where the bra fat is.

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