How to get that guy you like to notice you


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to get that guy you like to notice you

Follow these simple rules to get that guy you like to notice you

Be yourself: That's the best way to make sure that you don't just get his attention, but also manage to retain it. No guy wants a girl who's pretentious.

Try to befriend him: This one always works. What better way to get to know a guy.

Smile and make eye contact: How else do you expect him to notice you? Remember that a smile can do what a thousand words can't.

Be cute: You are a girl and remember to turn on your charm when you are around the guy you like.

Initiate a conversation: But please, don't just go on rambling about anything. Also, don't talk just about you and your likes and dislikes. An interesting conversation will always linger in his mind.

Make him feel special: You liked him first, so make sure that he gets to know that.

Go flirt: That's the easiest way to get your point cross, but make sure that you aren't giving out signals that mean you are interested in taking things beyond the mind flirting in a single night.

Don't keep hanging around him all the time: He'll end up thinking of you as a pest.

Be assertive: Don't play coy all the time. Men like girls who take decisions. Tell him exactly what you want without being too bossy.

Ignore him: Don't shower him with attention all the time. Let him notice you and try to catch your attention.

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