How to handle your husband’s mood swings


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Jul 5, 2011
How to handle your husband’s mood swings

Oh dear, he's so moody! So what? There are always way to counter the mood swings and usher in harmony in a relationship.

Too often we come across one of our married friends cribbing about her husband being too moody and she admitting being clueless as to what should be done to pacify him to keep matters peaceful at the home front.

For managing one's life, one need not master the basic management skills, but ought to think intelligent about dealing with life's sometimes awkward situations. Cracking the code of the secret to a rocking and happening relationship, may seem a near impossible task, to begin with. But once you have zeroed on which aspect of life you want to focus on, it seems not all that difficult a hurdle to overcome.

Well, there are some simple mantras to deal with your man, but all may not work the same for everyone. Permutations will yield positive results:

1. Find out which type of conversation interests him to talk more and spend more time.

2. Mood swings may result owing to a stressful work environment. As far as possible, do not ask about office and work after you guys are at home after work.

3. Cribbing does not do any good. So, keep aside your areas of trouble and try to be a good listener by paying utmost interest to what he's saying.

4. Remind him everyday that you are someone who will stand by him come what may. Now how you do it depends on so many things.

5. Most important -- tell him -- 'I love you even if you forgot our wedding anniversary!'.


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Sep 19, 2012
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