How to have a sparkling smile


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to have a sparkling smile

How can you keep your teeth bright and white for that perfect smile?

If you wish to impress someone, a sparkling smile can work wonders. To ensure that your teeth glitter for that exquisite smile, you can use simple detergents. Many such detergents can help you fight decay and make you the owner of a bright smile.

1. Many food items act as natural detergents that help in the cleaning of the teeth. Foods like apple, carrot, celery and strawberries gives healthier, cleaner and whiter smile.

2. One should also chew sugar-free gums which help in cleaning the surface of the teeth by stimulating saliva in your mouth.

3. Many people don't know about the quality of Oil of Oregano or Origanum vulgare and how it helps me stop tooth decay naturally. In fact it is so strong that the strongest of pharmaceutical drugs do not match up to it.

4. Salt is another detergent which helps in cleaning the teeth. Ninety per cent of germs are removed if one uses salt. It helps to disinfect your mouth and keeps your gums healthy. Saline and baking soda natural mouthwashes kill bacteria in the mouth, leaving it fresh.

5. Another natural remedy to keep decay away is using datun. Many elders use this method to clean their teeth even today. It removes infections, tooth decay, bleeding and sore gums. A mouth wash, employing Neem oil, helps in curing mouth ulcers in a long run and also helps in treating mouth-connected problems.

6. Lastly, drink lots of water after every food intake. It helps in removing food residue.

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