How To Hide Upper Lip Facial Hair?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How To Hide Upper Lip Facial Hair?

It is often very painful to get the upper lip hair removed. Ignoring the removal is also not possible as it makes face very unclear, discoloured and awkward. Today, we shall suggest a few tips to get rid of the facial hair. Take a look.

1. One of the best ways to remove upper lip hair without the threading process is by using hair removal creams. Apply little hair removal cream on the area and wipe it away with wet cotton. The water soaked cotton retain moisture in the area and prevents the burning of skin.

2. Another way to hide the upper lip hair is by applying a paste of turmeric (preferrably kasturi turmeric). The yellow herb bleaches facial hair naturally and prevents discolouring of skin.

3. Yogurt is also a soothing natural bleaching agent. The milk acids in yogurt bleach the hair and make the area soft and smooth.

4. Applying a paste of honey and turmeric every night (before sleep) will gradually stop the hair growth in and around lips.

5. Beetroot/carrot juice with fresh milk cream can be massaged on the area. This takes care of the dark upper lip region and keeps it pink and fresh always.

Avoid getting upper lip hair removal often as it will not only cause pain but can also burn your skin, it also makes skin sag and add to the age. Not all salonists/beauticians are well trained, so getting such skin treatments can harm skin even more.

Remember that you can take a better care of your skin than others. Get natural with skin treatments and avoid the use of chemical bleach as they are too harsh for facial hair.
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