How to hook your man


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to hook your man

Want your man to fall for you? Here are a few ways to seduce him...

Doesn't every woman want to know the no-fail techniques to hook a man? It is not as if you can read a few books and know the right way to do it but there are some simple tips that can surely attract him. Your success in seduction is affected by many factors and right from your skincare routine to the sweet nothings you whisper in his ear.

Less is not always more
Wear the right kind of clothes. Do not think that revealing too much of skin can help always. Leaving something for his imagination will surely help.

Eye see you!
Eye-contact with your target is an exceptionally easy to follow advice and is a sure-shot way to let the man know that you are interested. But do not overdo it. A few encouraging looks and a nice smile can work wonders. A recent study has found that a well-directed gaze coupled with a genuine smile makes a person up to eight times more attractive to the opposite sex.

Be yourself
Just because a friend said that wearing a short skirt will help don't go by it. Instead be yourself and do things you are absolutely comfortable in.

Opt for a healthy lifestyle
Seduction begins with your skincare routine. A girl with healthy skin can have an edge of those who don't. It has a big impact because it is an indicator of health in general. Eating healthy, not smoking, drinking enough water, and getting adequate sleep can work wonders.

List it out
Love at first sight happens mostly in books. Try and list out a few things that attract men. You need to know more if you want some work done.

Have fun
This is an important one. You should be having fun while you are at it without feeling bogged down by the fact that your target isn't paying too much attention to you. The simple fact that you are enjoying yourself can help make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Mirror him
Follow the movements of your man in a subtle manner. If he is leaning towards you; you should lean in too. Mimicking actions makes the man feel that there is a subconscious bond between you.

Hair play
Body language experts say that when a woman plays with her hair she gives out signals that she is flirting with him. While putting hair behind your ears says that your are open and honest.

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