How to I discuss about my love with my parents?


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Jul 26, 2012
So you think that your parents don't like to hear from you that you are love in love with some one or banned you from talking to this person whom you are in love now Or. Another reason, they don't like her/him. This is something you should know, if you love someone/care for someone. Act on it, walk up to their door and act on every impulse. Besides, don't you want to know what it's like to come home to them?

Is this like every other time? Is the reason no-one believes you when you say that "You love him/her.", is because every other week they all go through this? take into consideration. Their heart doesn't belong to you. So it's like a prescription, don't overdose. Take it in stead doses.

Just be prepared, don't do this out of random. Have the reasons at the ready, don't say whatever they want to hear, because it's not from the heart, and it's now what you really feel now is it? Right now list everything that makes them worthy of your love.

It's the small things that count, so don't say "He's a great guy, real nice. You'd like him.", believe it or not, your parents/whomever wants to know in depth. Is it because he's real good to you? The way he looks at you even when you're not looking? Then that is a great guy!

If you love them, you shouldn't be hiding them, but if this the only way, then way to risk it. Being sly doesn't always work, but just know something, this person you 'love', you'll be with them your entire life.

Are you willing to risk everything, and settle down? And think of the pros and cons of this said person. Be ready to talk about them with your parents.

The end. I did this. Love is like a red light gone green, we just go with it, we wonder why it took this long, and why it happened to us. But we try not to question it, but it'll be tested. Prepare yourself.



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Sep 17, 2013
- first talk with your parent one who is close to you either it may be your father or mother.

- talk with your brother or sister, you can come to know your parents pulse thorough them .

- try to talk with them about love marriage and see to that how they are reacting to the situation .

- if nothing is possible tell directly to them, explain to them, how much that person is important to you , his care , his love towards you.

_ tell them how you people are prepared for your life.

- before doing all these things , see to that how far you are strong enough about your relation with that person .

- how far your decision will affect your family , your siblings.....

- if they do not accept what will be your action ,because once the matter is out , if it goes well it will be good , if not everything will be under mesh...... think more......
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Feb 4, 2014
I think tea time is best for telling about this topic when all family members are together and all family members are happy that time is better for you talk about this topic. you should have to start from that I am fall in love with someone and i want to marry with him/her. and after that all depends how's your family member's reaction.

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