How to identify your body type


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to identify your body type

Here is how you can identify your body type

This is known as the perfect body shape. You have an hourglass figure if your hip line and your bust line are the same width and your waist is well defined.

Inverted triangle:
You have an inverted triangle body shape if you have a large bust, or you have broad shoulders, or both. You most likely are a long-legged vertical body shape with proportionally slim legs.

Pear shape:
The triangle body type is often also referred to as pear-shaped. You have this shape if your bust line is narrower than your hip line and you have a well defined waist. You typically have narrow shoulders and a flat bottom.

Diamond shape:
This body shape is also called apple shaped. You have this body shape if your waist is undefined and you have 'love handles'.

You have a rectangle body if your full bust line and full hip line are about the same width and you have little waist definition. Your legs and arms are typically slender and you may also have a flat bottom.

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