How to Impress Your Mother in Law


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Apr 26, 2012
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Dear Ladies here i am texting some simple ways to impress your mother in law and and to get her love and to maintain good relationship withe her.

  • Understand her first instead of expecting her to understand you. You are the new one to the family, so you need to put much efforts to find out what does she likes or dislikes rather then expecting her to put in efforts to understand you.
  • The main reason why problems arise are the insecurities of your mother-in-law. Becoming insecure is quite obvious, as now her son, your husband spends less time with her than earlier. So, do ask your husband to spend some time with her after he comes back from office. This will help her deal with her insecurities better.
  • Communicate well with her. Most household problem arouse mainly due to miscommunication. Talk to her freely & make her to participate in all the activities, avoid neglecting her.
  • Start helping her in kitchen and follow all her instructions. Remember that she was the master heading the kitchen before you entering into their family and now your need to follow the master in order to impress her.
  • Never fight with your spouse in front of them. This will create a bad impression about you as it will make them think that they made a wrong decision in selecting you for their son.


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Dec 2, 2011
Very well said Rudhra......these points will surely help all the newly married girls (adhukaga naannu ninaichudathinga...:)). They may not know how to handle the situation, and these tips will surely help them.


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May 21, 2011
Adding to that,

  • You might be princess in your mother;s house, but you have responsibility in your spouse house or should I say your house. You cannot expect to get all the luxury treatment you get in your mom house in your house.. In your house, you are the responsible person.
  • Accept for who she is, Never compare your mom with her.
  • Never compare your mom's way of raising kids with her way of raising kids
  • Never complain or share what is happening in your spouse house to your mom's or vice versa.If you dont respect them, then you cannot expect anybody to give respect.
  • Love her as any other human being. If at all she says something, listen to her and move on. you donot have to do it, but listening to what she says gives main impact on you.
  • Give mother son space... Your husband doesnot have to be with you always after marriage.. HE is her son first and then only your husband... If your husband is loving and caring to you, treating you like a princess, then dont forget its her brought up made him such a soft character instead of rugged behaviour. ITs because of her you got a wonderful husband.
  • If you see your husband is talking to his mother, just move out of that place. Let the son and mother have a wonderful quality time, where you dont have to be present.Giving each other space is really important in any realtionship.
  • Never try to take over her place. Respect her position. Its hard for anybody to let go of what they have done for the family all these years.. so take time and help her in all the way...
Mar 5, 2013
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Its a very nice thread, but I have a few disagreements. Why should I have to impress my MIL. I am working just like my husband is, and I put in hard efforts in my family life--why can't I expect the same from him? He doesn't have to impress my mother, why should I work hard on my impression on his mother? Trying to impress my MIL means, trying to conform to very hard standards. If my mother took a back step in my life after my marriage--why can't his mother do the same? And if she does not want to step pack, why can't I just ignore her instead of appeasing her? I think if I try to please everybody, I will not be able to have any time for my own relaxation, given the need to balance home and career, and dealing with stress all the time.
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