How to improve eye care?


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Jun 28, 2011

Eyes are the most important of all senses. It is so sensitive and requires lots of care. It requires lots of diet care. Eyes are the most prominent of all senses. It is the first part of the body that gets affected.

When a person works continuously for hours, without any rest eyes will reflect the body condition. If there is any problem with any other senses also there will be a problem in the eyes. Care for eyes will involve good diet, rest and few simple exercises.

Steps involved in maintenance of eyes:

1) Diet that is good for eyes will be the foods that are rich in vitamin A. Top foods that are rich in Vitamin A are fish, eggs, mostly all sea foods.

2) Vegetarian foods that are rich in vitamin A are carrot, beetroot, sweet potato, spinach, mangoes and apricots.

3) Everyday diet must consist of at least one the fruit or vegetable rich in vitamin A.

4) If you are person consuming sea foods also then make it a practice that you include at least two servings twice a week.

5) Then the next step would be regular rest and relaxation. Every human must have a minimum of 6-8 hours of rest every day.

6) Sleeping is the activity where all parts of the body will take rest and rejuvenate. Sleeping will give a relief to all the senses especially eyes, because eyes work throughout the day.

7) Next step is to have a short exercise regime to care for eyes. Simple yoga practices will give relaxation to eyes.

8) Breathing exercises will involve closing the eyes and relaxing. Just rolling the eyes slowly in both directions is a good exercise.

9) Eyes are so soft and performing the exercises for eyes must involve proper supervision. Do not perform the exercise without any good practice.

People those are wearing spectacles must follow their doctor’s advice.

Sumathi Srini

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