How to improve health by walking daily?


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Jun 28, 2011

Man evolved from monkey. Man discovered fire. He started to cook and hunted animals. He found that he was the strongest of all races. He discovered clever means of tackling the enemies.

He improved his culture and started to speak. As technology grows, now we have arrived at an age where we forgot all the ancient techniques of staying healthy.

On the ancient days there were no vehicles. Man migrated through leg. He used to walk for long distances. This was one of the reasons for his healthy life. But now, sales of vehicles especially cars is growing faster than population. People use their cars to travel to very short distance.

This causes lots of health complexities especially increase in weight. This leads to heart related problems. So, now let us see what the benefits of walking are. Walking forms the integral exercise. Walking improves blood circulation to the upper body.

Walking strengthens the blood vessels by improving blood circulation. Walking improves the overall energy of the body. Walking increases overall body metabolic rate. Walking decreases the calorie intake of the body. Walking reduces weight thereby reducing the risks of heart related problems.

Few people walk in the morning for half an hour. But the full day they will eat heavy calories and will not do any work. But they expect their weight to reduce and their health to improve. But how is this practically possible?

People nowadays stay in flats. They use cars to travel anywhere. They consume high calorie foods in large quantities. But each of these factor leads to bad health. We must be conscious in every aspect of our lives. We must eat healthy and also keep a limit in our foods. We must use the steps at our home and office. We must use public means of transport.

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