how to improve my complexion naturally

Nov 28, 2012
i am slight black colour, i need to improve my skin tone, pls help me to improve my complexion naturally.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Sushilaa. I am reproducing an article which I read recently which may be helpful to solve your problem.
Skin Complexion – All of us watch movies and simply admire the stars and the way they look. We watch tv serials and realize that not only are they wearing the matching dresses and having full makeup even in the most unusual situations, but they also have a flawless complexion which is easy to envy. In fact, ‘complexion’ is the most suited word to signify the natural skin color and appearance of a person as it can give so many people inferiority complex about how they look. While the people from colder parts of world are bestowed with a fair complexion, those in hotter regions, including the Indian subcontinent, have a slightly darker skin and often yearn to get a better complexion.

You need not photoshop your images or dab tonnes of makeup to look better, here are some simple tips with which you can improve your skin complexion -
[h=2]You should moisturize your skin regularly. A good nourishing cream before going to bed makes the skin soft and healthier.[/h]
For people who have a rough skin, mere superficial cleansing is not enough and you should deeply exfoliate the skin to remove the oil from its layers. It is very helpful and leaves a smoother skin surface and also improves the skin complexion.
[h=2]Tie your hair[/h] This is for ladies who prefer to keep their hair open often. Hair, in absence of all the protections that we keep for our face, is exposed to a lot of pollution and dust. It’s better to keep hair tied to back so that it doesn’t touch your face frequently and your facial skin is not in contact with the oil and dandruff and other undesirable stuff.

[h=2]Gram Flour[/h] Take green gram and bengal gram. Mix them in equal proportions and make the flour out of it. Use it in place of general soap. This will reduce the chances of acne by unclogging the skin pores and also keep your skin from becoming dark.
[h=2]Sandalwood[/h] Sandalwood is widely known for its qualities to treat dark skin. It’s also extremely good in treating skin problems like acne, freckles, rashes etc. Most famous for its cost and aroma, sandalwood paste protects the skin from harmful sunrays and its anti-aging properties help in keeping the skin smooth and likeable.

[h=2]Healthy Diet[/h] It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that those burgers, samosas and pizzas are not going to help your skin complexion. A healthy skin needs a healthy, complete diet full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. A good intake of fresh fruits and vegetables has a positive effect in brightening your skin.
[h=2]Drink Right[/h] Now I’m sure this is amongst the most referred bullet point in home remedies. The magic of proper fluid intake also works in keeping the skin moist and hydrated, flushing out the toxins from your body and improving your skin complexion.
[h=2]Sleep Tight[/h] Apart from drinking plenty of water, it is also necessary to catch up on adequate 7-8 hrs of sleep daily. If you cut short on sleep often, it leads to dark circles, dull and puffy eyes. ‘Beauty sleep’ is not just a term after all.
So give it a chance, identify which of the above points are missing from your daily routine or need some rework. Include them in your lifestyle and see the change.
Jan 6, 2014
simply way to improve colour complexion:
take thick coconut milk and apply face,neck,hands.wait for 30 min.take bath.use it regularly.see the result i two weeks,i use this till my childhood,it really work


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Mar 29, 2013
mix 1 spoon honey with 1 spoon fresh lemon juice and apply this on your face,neck and hands,leave it 20 minutes and take bath . use green gram flour or bengal gram flour instead of soap.

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