how to increase appetite in children

Sep 24, 2014
jayanthy ka tell me how to increase appetite in children. my son is now 6 years old but he is not eating well and looking lean too. he is very much fond of snack items only that also unhealthy snacks how can i control him.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....friend.

Happy and surprised to note that you have mentioned my name and asked your doubt, in your 1st post itself.. you have the answer for your query.

You can prepare the Oma legiyam (ஓம லேகியம் ) at home and give it to your son , once in 15 days. This will increase his appetite.

Along with this, you can also give the Inji sorasam (இஞ்சி சொரசம் ) once in a week.

Both the recipes are given in the below links. please click them.

இஞ்சி சொரசம்

Looking lean need not be worried. Only thing you should remember is, he should be of the ideal weight. He might have bone weight also. This is quite enough.

Later during his adolescence age, he will surely pick up and will look like an ideal boy. I have experienced this with my son.

For increasing the weight, you can give வெள்ளை கொண்டைக்கடலை in various forms.

You can make the sundal out of it, which will be the healthiest snack.

You can also give, soaked Almonds daily in the morning, which will be very healthy and increase the brain power too.

You can give the fried peanuts and fried gram (பொட்டுக் கடலை ). this will increase the weight and is very healthy. You can add these in all the home made snacks also. Just for this itself, the child will start eating the home made healthy snacks

We cannot avoid the unhealthy snacks for the children since they are very much attracted towards the TV ads.

So, we can make an agreement with them as, the snacks which he likes will be given, once in 15 days or once in a week, if only he is ready to eat the healthy snacks daily,which is prepared at home.

For each and every healthy food item, you need to tell him that by eating that food, he will become tall, strong, gain enough strength to play, study well, his eyesight will be powerful, his teeth will become strong enough to bite everything and all the other things. Only with these details, they will be tempted to eat. Along with this, tell him that he will become strong like chota bheem, if he is eating all the food items without ignoring anything.

Along with this, you can make all the healthy snack items attractive and in different ways, everytime you give him. You can add grated vegetables over the sundal and make it colourful.

For many attractive ideas, please click the below link

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