how to inform my mom about pregnancy

Feb 6, 2015
hi all i got married in november. its a love marriage. in my family they did not accept for our marriage. but his parents accepted. after my marriage my brother and grandma are speaking with me daily. but my mom and my sister didnt speak with me still. last week i confirmed my pregnancy. i still tell this matter to my family members. i am scared to say about my pregnancy to my mom. i dont know how she feels? in his home everybody is happy about my pregnancy. but i am feeling guilty to share this matter to my mom. what will she think? will she come to see me if i said this? i am keep on thinking about this. please advice.
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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai...Anu .

Congrats for your Pregnancy.

No problem dear. Please don't worry that your mother is angry over your marriage.

Since your grandma and your brother are talking with you daily, I think you would have informed your grandma about your pregnancy.

By now, she would have informed about the same, to your mother.

Surely all the mothers would feel very very happy when they happen to hear that their daughter is pregnant.

Similarly, your mother would also feel very happy , but she may not show it outside.

If you wish, for time being, you can meet your grandma and brother very often. Either they can come to your house or you can meet them in any common place.

In few more months, your mother may also change her mind, leave her anger and will surely come forward to meet you and look after you.

You can ask your grandma , whether she has informed this news to your mother. If your grandma insists your mother to meet you , surely your mother will like to meet you.

Even if she is not changing her mind, pls. don't worry for it.

Later, once you deliver the child , she cannot resist herself without seeing you both.

So, everything will be fine very soon.

All your in-laws will surely take very good care of you including your husband.

Please do not feel guilty over any matter and feel happy throughout your pregnancy.

We also pray for your safe delivery.
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