How to keep your clothes looking new for longer?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to keep your clothes looking new for longer

What's the best way to keep your clothes looking new longer? Is it in the way they're washed?
Jess, via e-mail.

Besides wearing your clothes, washing will also contribute to their worn out look. To keep your clothes looking new longer, here are a few tips.

Make sure you separate your whites, blacks and colours into different wash loads to avoid colours running into white or pale coloured items, and white fibres sticking to darks and blacks.

A regular soak in Napisan or similar product will keep your whites look white and fresh for longer, removing stains and keeping them bright.

Make sure you wash towels, tea towels, and bed linen in a separate wash too. The fuzzy fibres are almost impossible to completely remove from dark clothes. However, if one manages to sneak into a dark wash, use a loop of gaffa tape or similar with the sticky side out to remove any visible fibres.

Remember to check the care label in your favourite garments to ensure you don't ruin them in the washing machine or tumble dryer. Dry cleaning or hand washing may be required for some fibres and will help to prolong the life of special garments.

Delicates can sometimes be machine washed but are best placed inside a delicates bag.

When washing wool items make sure you use a specific wool wash product and hand wash. Machine washing or using hot water may shrink a woollen item. Dry knit wear flat to avoid stretching or damaging the garment.

To avoid fading bights, do not hang them to dry in direct sunlight.

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