How To Know Its Dehydration?


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Jul 5, 2011
How To Know Its Dehydration?

Dehydration is a common health problem suffered by almost everyone. Lack of water in the body makes you dehydrated. This scarcity of water can make you uncomfortable and also lead to health problems like constipation, nausea etc. There are many ways to know if you are dehydrated. Lets check out a few symptoms of dehydration.

6 common symptoms of dehydration:
Headache: When there is less water in the body, a person starts feeling dizzy. Suddenly, slight headache takes over and this can make you feel fatigue. Sometimes, you feel more sleepy. A slight or severe headache is a symptom of dehydration and should not be ignored.

Burning sensation after urinating: Due to scarcity of water, you feel inflammation after passing out. This is because the urine becomes really concentrated if there is less water in the body. Urine secretes a high amount of ammonia and this can cause inflammation after peeing.

Less urination: When the body has low in water content, there is no chances of urine formation. If you are not urinating much then it is a clear symptom of dehydration. Often the dehydrated person will feel the urge to pee but, there is very less amount of urine that passes out. It is a symptom to know that the body is running short of water.

Thirst: Due to water scarcity, a person will feel more thirsty. The throat and mouth dries often making you feel a burning sensation in the throat. This increased sensation of thirst comes when the body cells start drying due to lack of water. If you are feeling thirsty, do not ignore the symptom.

Constipation: People who suffer from stomach problems especially constipation and slow bowel movements are always advised to drink lots of water. Water flushes out toxins from the body. The hard food particles break down in water and passes to the intestines. This makes it easy to pass out stool. Many Ayurveda experts suggest that a person should drink 1 glass of water immediately after getting up in the morning. This helps flush out the toxins and cure constipation naturally.

No sweating: Why do we sweat so much? The excess salt and water from the body secrets out through the sweat glands. These sweat glands work all the time and throws out extra water via the skin cells. When there is no water absorbed by the cells, it becomes very difficult to sweat. If you sweat a lot but suddenly reduce then be careful. It is a clear symptom of water scarcity in the body.

There are many more symptoms of dehydration like dry skin, heart palpitations, food or juice craving, cravings for sugar and salt, etc. Do not take these symptoms lightly. If you do not drink adequate amount of water, you can suffer from serious disorders like kidney stones, no urination, severe constipation to name a few.
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