how to know its labour pain

Jul 7, 2014
sisters please tell me the ways to identify delivery pain. i am in 8th month of my pregnancy. at times i have pain in stomach. my friends said that its normal pain sootu vali like that. we are not with our parents so we cant ask them. please sisters tell me the ways to find labour pain


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai.....Usha and congrats for your Pregnancy. may experience Stomach pain since the baby will move actively and towards the end of 8th month, the baby's head will get fixed in the Cervix (near the vagina).

During this fixing you may experience severe stomach and hip pain, which will be similar to the Labor pain.

For differentiating this pain , which is known as the FALSE PAIN, you should do one thing.

Buy some SOMBU and make it like a decoction (கஷாயம் ) by boiling it in water. Drink this and if the pain subsides within 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour, then it is only a false pain and not the real labor pain.

So, whenever you experience the stomach or hip pain, first drink this.

If the pain is not reducing and if it is aggravating, then you should immediately visit the hospital. this may be the Labor pain.

The other symptoms for the Labor time are

1. The stomach and hip pain will gradually increase and the frequency will increase while the intervals of the pain will decrease.

2. You may experience the similar pain when you experience during your periods.

3. The day before the pain starts, you may see the Mucus which is white in color mixed with a little blood coming out from your vagina. This is the main symptom and you can be sure that you are getting ready for the delivery. After this, you can wait for the pain to start.

4. If there is much more blood coming along with the mucus or if you are not getting the pain for more than 1 day, you should immediately consult the doctor.

5. Sometimes, even without pain, you may feel much more amount of water coming out and you may think that you are urinating a lot without control. If you experience this, you should immediately rush to the hospital. This means that the amniotic fluid is coming out (பனிக்குடம் உடைந்து விட்டது ).

6.So, after the 9th month , when you happen to go out, please take some Sanitary pads or big clothes with you which will help you in case of this.

7. If you have abnormal back pain or stomach pain, first drink that Kashaayam and if the pain still persists, immediately consult the doctor.

8. Even without prolonged labor pain, you may deliver the child.

9. Generally, for the first delivery, you may have the labor pain for more than 10 hours too. Please don't panic for this. Enjoy this and deliver the child. Make up your mind for withstanding the labor pain.

10. If the due date crossed and if still you don't get the labor pain, immediately consult the doctor and they will take appropriate action.

We pray for your safe delivery and enjoy your delivery and parenting.
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Jan 30, 2015
delivery symptoms

hi friends my due date is feb 21. i feel more weight in abdomen. i feel abdomenial pain when i am walking. i also have white dischare and pain in vagina. i am very scared. i am alone in home now. is this delivery symptom.
pls reply urgent...

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