How to look picture perfect?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to look picture perfect?

Here's a crash course on how to woo the lens...

Don't go au naturel: Even if the nude look works for you in real life, completely natural looks could end up looking washed out in pictures. Going a step further, using a bit of contrast in the makeup helps as a slightly darker eye and a stronger mouth does register better in photographs than absolutely natural makeup.

Sans flash:
It's always better to shoot the pictures without the provided flash as that burns out the face and makes every one look very white. Suggest that to whoever is clicking the pictures.

Foundation match:
Also use a foundation that's an exact match to your skin colour as foundations and compacts do reflect light and also lighten the skin tone photographically. Keeping that in mind, the use of bronzers is better as it tones down the skin tone.

Day time: 5 Makeup and camera tricks
1. The day time is less tricky as there is a lot of ambient light. Be careful to use a foundation and compact that matches the skin tone exactly.

2. Keep the eye makeup fresh and not too heavy as it could come across as too strong in pictures.

3. Keep the lines sharper for the day, like your eye liners and mascara.

4. On the lips, use a lip colour that's just a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Complement it with a matching gloss. This would look good in black and white, as well as in colour pictures.

5. Go easy on the gloss and shine as it can look too much in pictures.

Night time: 5 Makeup and camera tricks
The night time is trickiest as the light is low and faces do look whiter in pictures. As suggested earlier, use the camera without flash.

1. To warm up your face and give it dimension, use a bronzer or a darker skin tone coloured blush around your face and cheek bones. However, keep your foundation and compact the exact shade of your skin.

2. Keep the eyes well defined, even smokey eyes have to be neat. With the eyes, using matte shades are best for mature women as it conceals the lines very well and also does not highlight any flaw.

3. Keep the shine just on the cheek bones and nowhere else. Don't use too much shine on the face as that translates into sweat in photographs.

4. Go easy on gloss. If overdone it could look terrible. Generally matte over frost is a better option. Use frosty makeup only on the inner corners of the eyes, or then in darker shades of grey blacks browns or metals.

5. Keep a compact handy to matte your skin at regular intervals.

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