How to lose weight at home


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Jul 5, 2011
How to lose weight at home

Losing weight is hard work, and what's going on at home can help or hinder weight loss. So pick up the cues!

Rearrange, restock
Open your refrigerator and what do you see first? Colas, crunchy chocolates or frozen fries? Maybe it's time to restock your refrigerator with healthy, low calorie food options. If you really want to lose weight, it's important to have fruits, low calorie food options in sight. This is to ensure that whenever you feel like munching, you do not touch the 'untouchables'.

Wardrobe downsizing
Open your wardrobe and if you see stocks of dresses that comfort your excess paunch or hide those love angles, get rid of them. Maybe your clothes are making you comfy in your skin! Watch out for that.

Look out for exercise options in your room
Whatever little or big you have invested in your home exercise equipment, make sure it is placed at strategic locations such that it always crosses your line of sight. It could be your yoga mat, skipping rope or even a stepper. "With exercise equipment around, you are forced to be more active, thus enabling you to spend some time on it," says fitness expert Leena Mogre. So make sure you do not stock it up inside your cupboard and let it be in.

Kick TV out of the bedroom
The more time you spend watching television, the more you lose focus of your fitness goals. Recent studies have revealed that television-viewing is implicated as a cause for obesity in children. So, get that idiot box out of your room. You will be able to catch up on sleep and hence feel more active the next morning; perhaps, active enough to hit the treadmill.

Do household work
A recent study proved that housework and pet walks help you burn far more calories than any gym routine. Hence, take your pooch out for walks and mop your floor once a while. The process will effectively help you burn calories.
Jul 19, 2011
Everybody willing to have a fit body and healthy life. Weight loss is very necessary for every one. For Weight loss it is good to do exercise & yoga regular basis, takes law calorie diet and Avoid junk Foods. Thanks!!
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