How to maintain the hands so soft and beautiful?


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Jun 28, 2011
Generally men used to have hard or rough hands because they work a lot. However the women hands remain soft as long as it is properly cared and maintained. Many of the women do the same mistake that is they spend much of their time in facial however they forget to spare with hands and legs.


Tips in maintaining soft and beautiful hands:

1) While washing vessels we may use detergents. Continuous contacts with detergents will may the skin rough and hence use rubber gloves while washing.

2) Lotion alone cannot retain the softness and beauty of hands. Wash your hands gently with the soap and then scrub the hands with sugar for about 2 minutes.

3) After applying sugar, rinse the hands well. Wear the hand gloves and dip them inside the warm water for 10 minutes. Now remove the gloves and wash it again with soap. Do it once or twice a week.

4) For better and quicker results, massage well with the olive oil every night before sleep. Also try out with Vaseline or even glycerine before sleep, but see to that it doesn’t have any side effects. Use only if it suits.

5) Color of the hands cannot be obtained in a day; hence people can make the hands look great when they dress up it such way.

6) Manicure is the way to shape the nails. Apply nail polish every three days. Every day also it can be applied but see to that it matches the skin tone or at least the costume that you choose to wear.

7) Before applying any nail polish, if there is already one, then remove it via nail polish remover and apply.

8) Apply them in a very thin coat. Shaping the nails is alone not enough; make sure it’s free of dirt within.

9) Brush your hands and nails gently and wear a thin ring, say silver which suits you. This will provide an added look to your hands.


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