how to make child to eat vegetables

Jun 17, 2012
my son is now 8 years old. he neglects veggies, i tried different method of cooking but he is not interested to eat vegetables. when i asked to my colleagues to make him eat, they said they are also looking for ideas, i think most of us facing the problem.

pls help me out how to make him eat the vegetables. it will be useful for others too.

deepa bala

Guru's of Penmai
Aug 7, 2011
Yes tinoo... Many children come under this category:) Though I've not come to this stage with my kid, I've seen my sister's children..

Try to retain the colours of food...Avoid overcooking..

Try preparing some other style like chinese fried rice...

Let your child help choose fresh vegetables when you’re shopping.

Prepare meals together (for example, younger children can wash, and older ones can chop vegetables for stir-fry dishes and salads).

Serve raw or lightly steamed vegetables with salad dressing or cheese sauce for dipping.

Set out a plate of raw vegetables or a salad of cold, cooked vegetables before the meal – the time when your child is hungriest

Make mashed sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes – sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamin A

But every doctor says this: Avoid forcing your children to eat vegetables – or any other food for that matter. Encourage children to try a spoonful, but don’t get upset if they refuse it. Eventually, they will try it, so keep reintroducing various foods from time to time.

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