How To Make Him Want You More?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How To Make Him Want You More?

You know he likes you, but you don’t know how much, is it? And you are trying to find out what he thinks about you, hm? The best advice here is to keep at it and make him want you more. So much that he confesses his love for you. There is one golden rule to attract men – look good and avoid complexity. But that’s not all; there’s something more; and if you are looking for that ‘something more’, these tips will tell you how to attract a guy in no time and keep him wanting more. Keep reading.

Take Care of Him…
Guys love to be pampered and taken care of; they may not show this but they do. You know how guys are. They don’t take care of themselves and need someone to care for them, all the time. So do that for the guy you like and make him want you more… Ask him if he had food, ask him if he slept well, ask him how his day was… Pamper him like you would pamper a child but don’t overdo it. Be supportive of his plans and ambitions, show that you care. If he sees that you really do care for him genuinely, he’s going to like you more.

Look Good for Him…
The first attraction men understand is physical. There is nothing bad in that, it’s just the way they are made. If you want the guy to want you more, look good for him. Take care of yourself and give enough attention to your appearance and you’ll see some amazing signs of attraction blooming. Which man won’t want a sweet, caring and beautiful partner?

Keep Him Happy…
Do things that make him happy. Cook his favorite food, wear his favorite color, dine at his favorite restaurant and let your world revolve around him. Let him know, you know, what he likes. Don’t ask for anything in return and don’t even tell him that you are doing all this for him. Let him realize that on his own and he’ll treasure you more than before.

Retain Your Individuality…
Don’t cling to him all the time. You have to learn the art of being one and yet maintain your individuality. You don’t need to look like someone who is adding to his responsibility. Guys love girls who can be on their own and maintain their individuality. See to it that you have a life of your own and that you are not being a leech to an extent that it smothers him.

Be There for Him…
Guys can’t convey emotions easily. They find it difficult to express what they think or what they’re going through at times. At such times, be there for him unconditionally. Let him know that he can always fall back on you. Try to be the girl a guy can come home to. You have to be a constant support for him during his tough times. Give him the courage to try harder on the times he feels like a failure. You need to tell him that you have faith in him, no matter what situations are like. Reassure him that you love him and would be there for him, always.
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