how to make my son to eat healthy snacks

Jun 11, 2014
hi friends

my son is 4 years old and he is studying lkg now. he is not at all eating healthy snacks and food items like sundal payaru nuts etc. but he loves to eat chips and all. making him to eat these healthy snacks is very much tough task for me. is there any ideas or tricks to make him eat healthy snacks. i read here some tips for parents to make kids to eat veggies and foods. like that any other ideas pls tel me.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai suji. is a real tough task to make the children eat any of the healthy items.

To make him eat the sundal etc., you can try the following

Over the sundal you can spread the grated coconut, grated carrot, beetroot etc. and make the sundal colourful and attractive.

The next thing what you should do is tell him that by eating this sundal, he could get so much strength.

Tell him that he needs lot of strength to play, read and write, talk and all the other things which he does.

With each and every item, you be telling that this product is going to make him strong to play.

with another food item, tell him that his hair will grow stronger.

With another , his teeth would grow stronger, he would grow taller, he could hear properly and all the other things.

With the nuts also, say the same things and along with that, the nuts would be of different shapes isn't it?

Like, badam would be in one shape, walnut will be in one shape and others will be of other shape.

Now you tell him that he is going to bite that shape and little by little , the whole shape has gone into his stomach. By telling like this with every food product ie., by telling the color and shape, and that it is going inside his stomach little by little, he will show interest.

While he is biting little by little, you should tell him "hii.....little has gone inside, now the next part is going to go inside" like this......Now you will watch, how interested he will start eating these.

Only by telling him that each and every product will give some or other strength, he will show interest to eat.

Also tell him that the products bought from the shops are not cooked properly and hygienically, and he might get any ailment if he sticks only to that. Tell him, that he can eat those chips and chocolates can be eaten once in 15 days or a month.

Tell him that if only he eats all the healthy home made products, he could become strong like the CHOTA BHEEM, Chota hanuman etc. and grow taller and intelligent like his father (your husband).


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