How to Make Your Kids Successful Students


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to Make Your Kids Successful Students

Yes, your kids can be successful. By encouraging them to love what they do, you create possibilities for their success. Loving school and every subject is not a difficult task if they look at the mirror from the right angle. It works!

Have your baby listen to your voice (mother and father would be better) as well as classical music. According to many experts, this routine makes your child´s brain open connections between your child´s brain cells. Record material that you consider to be interesting to reason about and then make your baby listen to it.

· When the baby pops some parts of his or her body, touch your womb or gently push it so the baby reacts. Remember that nerves are connected to the brain and this procedure might open new brain paths on the unborn baby´s brain. Furthermore, it becomes a funny game.

Continue to have the baby listen to classical music after it is born, but never at a loud volume. As the baby is growing, have him or her explore with your participation. Don´t let the child just do it by herself all the time. Think of some new ways of exploration. Remember child safety rules; everything has to be done according to his or her age. If you have questions ask a specialist or another kind of person like those people.

When your kid can talk, encourage him or her to ask questions about his or her surrounding world. Always show her you enjoy her questioning (the simple expression "wow" makes her know that you enjoy her questioning). If your child wants to give an explanation, always listen to him or her. If your child is wrong, appreciate her curiosity and then explain her the right answer in a manner according to her age.

Teach your child how to color, write his or her name, recognize letters, numbers, family members on pictures, etc. Never get frustrated or force the little child. Always make the child think you are playing and everything is part of a funny game.

Let your child know that learning is fun. Remember your child is looking at you, so facial, tone of voice and body expressions are crucial. Whenever your child brings a different thing from school, show him or her how interesting it is.

Ask your child why he or she doesn't like a certain subject. Your answer should have a message, no matter if hidden but clear. "You don´t like it honey because you didn't consider this or that..." Use your own words, but make him or her understand that every subject is very interesting and enjoyable. Show love to your child and he or she will listen.

Teach your child how to be responsible. Never let your kids play or watch TV first and then study. Tell them that they sure can play or do whatever they like after they have studied.

Remember that your child needs to rest. it is a good idea to take a nap when they come from school before starting studying.
Never force your child to study a certain career because you like it. Let her recognize by herself her own career and be there to help and honestly answer her questions. If you don´t know what to answer, investigate from reliable sources and ask your kids to investigate by themselves as well.

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