How to make your own compress at home


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to make your own compress at home

Fill a small bowl with very hot tap water. Make sure the bowls are large enough to dip the cloth you are using.

Add 6-12 drops of the selected organic essential (preferably lavender, valerian or chamomile for soothing, balancing and muscle-relaxing benefits). You can create both hot as well as cold compress with them.

Take a clean absorbent cloth, wool, cotton or linen and dip in the infusion. Wring out and place the cloth onto the affected area for about 10-15 minutes. Apply pressure to the compress depending on the condition you are treating.

For hot as well as cold compress, make a tea of the desired herbs and strain it. Place the tea in a bowl and proceed from there with the cloth. As heat enhances the action of the herbs, change the compress when it cools down or cover the cloth with plastic and place a hot water bottle on it. These herbs make good compresses and work as stimulants. It often affects the respiratory, digestive and circulatory system.

From swollen feet to cramps, toothaches and bloodshot eyes to eczema, muscle ache, acne, bruises - hot and cold compress relieve you of the pain.

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