How To Make Your partner Want You More - 6 Helpful Tips To Make Him Want You More


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How To Make Your partner Want You More - 6 Helpful Tips To Make Him Want You More

If you are really interested on making your boyfriend want you more than ever, then make sure you read this article and follow these simple tips on how to make your boyfriend want you more.

1. First, never make yourself too available for him.
Pretend to be busy even if you are not. Make sure that when he asks for a date, there should be an advanced booking of two days; otherwise, reject his offer of a date. Doing this, you are making him realize that you are someone who is important and should be prioritized; and not someone who can be a rebounder for a previously rejected date with another woman.

2. Before consenting to a date, stop and breathe for a while.
This is to send the message across that he should always be on his toes as far as courting or dating you is concerned, or else he might just find himself losing you even before he is able to hear your yes. With this tip on how to make your boyfriend want you more, you will be guaranteed that he is going to ward himself off from flirting girls even though you are not around.

3. Third, be an easy going person.
It should not matter whether you are dining in an expensive restaurant or simply eating popcorn in front of your TV. Bear in mind that your ultimate objective is to keep your man beside you.

4. What is more, another known technique of how to make your boyfriend want you more is when the two of you are together and walking hands together, make sure that you will be the one to let go of his hands the first.
They say that if you do it, your man will be reminded that he should focus only on you and not look at anyone else, or you might be drifting away without him noticing it.

5. Make sure you are always dressed so nicely.
Men hate it when their women are dressed up so sloppily looking like garbage. Surely, you would not want your man to look away for a different woman.

6. Last of all; make it a point to read the newspapers at all times.
Listen to the radio. You might be able to pick up some intelligent discussions that you could discuss with him when you are together. Remember that one very essential technique of how to make your boyfriend want you more is by establishing a connection with your man, not just in terms of physical connection, but most importantly, a mental connection.

Yes, it is true. True love is not here to stay for all times; thus, it becomes very crucial for women to learn the art of making their men yearn for them more.
Otherwise, you will just be opening yourself into a relationship every time you see a man that interests you, but never keeping that man for not knowing hoe to make him want you more.

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