How to Manage Relationship Conflicts

Aug 8, 2011
Relationship conflicts are relevant to all. Never will any one go their entire lives without a fight. However conflicts can be managed if you have an open mind and willingness to work at the relationship.


  1. How to say I am sorry
    • 1 Simple conflict or arguements may be resolved with a simple "I'm sorry". Sometimes that is all it takes to feel better and move on.
    • 2 Avoidance of a conflict may sometimes be good. However avoiding a conflict may maje things worse within your relationship. If you are angry it may be best to tell the other person what you are feeling, if you fail to talk about your issues, your anger may be demonstrated in other ways like your body language.
    • 3 It is natural to feel upset or angry, however you should give yourself a period of time to cool off. If that means that you have to take a walk, then do so, come back with a cooler unheated attitude and you will be able to work things out
    • 4 Understand what made you angry or caused the conflict. Is it your job, money, sexual concern, cheating, whatever the problem was that caused the conflict make an effort to undertand and confront the problem rather than run away from it
    • 5 Listen to each others sides of the story, neither of you is completely wrong nor completely right. Listen to what is behind the words, do not let your emotions take control
    Watch what you say
    • 1 Understand that words can hurt, and can be remembered for a long time. Try to keep your emotions under control no one wants a shouting match.
    • 2 Take a step back when you become angry. Take a few seconds or minutes to back off, check your emotions and deal with the problem with a solid resolution to solve the problem(s). Stress and anger may cause you to want to say things that you can not take back
    • 3 Agree to disagree you must understand healthy disagreement will build better decisions and a stronger relationship
    • 4 Resolve your conflict, try to meet halfway in order reach an understanding and an agreement. Be willing to concede a bit in order to gaim a lot.

Tips & Warnings

  • Listen to one another, try to understand what the causes of the conflict were and work on the problems.

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