how to mingle with my brother??

Jun 23, 2014
hi all,

my brother is gem person. we have good relationship with their family for the past 3 years but not my brothers wife is creating so much problem between me and my brother and to my husband. she is lying so much to my brother about me and my hubby. my brother too knows that she is lying but he can't say anything to her, since to avoid problems between them.

what can i do? how to mingle atleatst with my brother ?

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Dec 28, 2011
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hai girl . . .

if u dnt wnt to brk any relation. . thn be patient . .

thn spk wit ur brthrs wif . . .
wt she wnt realy?! find this . .
idirctly u may knw d reasn. . .

so find d betr solution. . .

thn try to meet ur brother casualy. . .
spk also normal . .
also invit him to ur home too . .

spnd d weekend wit all family members. ..

give gifts to ur brthr and his wife. . .
if they hv childrn then giv them too . . .

spk frndly wit ur brthrs wife. . .

always wear smil in ur lips. . . :)

dnt think this as a big prblm . .
also dnt take this seriously. .
its a passing cloud .. .
so be cool . . .

be true in ur relation(wit brthr and his wif), thn its automatically clear faults. . .
al d bst!


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai......friend.

Sad to know about your SIL's behaviour.

But don't worry.

First talk to your brother separately either in your house or somewhere outside where his wife is not present along with him. Your house will be the best choice.

First talk in a friendly manner and then talk the important incidents of both your childhood during which you both were so friendly.

Tell him, that after some stage in both your life, the same intimacy as brother and sister is not possible, but to some extent you both can maintain the relationship very well.

Ask him whether he totally believes you and will never suspect you in any circumstance.

Tell him that you are the same sister who hasn't changed her habits and nature as he saw her from his childhood. So, he can trust you fully all throughout his life, as he did in the past.

Ask him whether he is able to understand his wife's lies about you. Tell him that you are not at all bothered about her lies and that he need not control or ask anything to his wife regarding this.

Just ask him to trust you, whatever she complains about you.

Tell him that you will always want to maintain a very good relationship with him and his family too.

And the next person is your husband.

Tell him that he should have understand all about your character within these years.

Ask him whether he believes your SIL's false complaints.

Tell him that you will always be trustful to your family, though you want to have atleast a little cordial relationship with your brother's family.

Tell him that he is the only person in the whole world whom you trust and who should trust you whole heartedly.

Now, coming to your SIL, always have a friendly talk with her though she doesn't.

Whenever you visit their house buy some gifts (need not be a costly one) for the whole family and also gift them when they visit your house.

If they gift you in return, tell her that only their love and affection is much more important than these gifts but never deny them . Accept them.

With your SIL, always enquire about the welfare or her parents, siblings. Talk about her childhood, schoolings, college and all the other friends of hers.

But at the same time, don't reveal much about you. She might take advantage in future.

Always try to praise her. You can praise her cooking (even if it is not good), her craft work(if any), the way she keeps the house.

These praises will surely please her and have a different opinion about you.

Either she might be afraid that your brother would show his affection monetarily, if you show your affection or close with them.

Or she might be afraid that you might dominate her and to avoid the dominance, she tries to dominate you by not letting you to be close to them. May be she would have got advises to behave like this, from her parent's house or any friends before her marriage.

Just ignore her lies and don't ever fight with her for her lies.

And never stay too long even for the whole day in their house. Just stay for few hours.

But at the same time, when they happen to visit your house, take them outside to various places and thus avoid any ill talks of hers.

Try these.

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