how to move with guys in office?

Jun 26, 2015
i just now joined in office (popular IT company), here guys were moving very casual but i was not that much free in my move with gents till now even with ladies.

how to move with them and maintain healthy friendship . i was very much feared too for gossips and illegal activity. how to suspect a gent as wrong person and a good person.


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Dec 11, 2012
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Its really glad to know that you have started your career.

I am not sure, that I am giving the right suggestion or not, but i hope atleast few things can make you understand the atmosphere and the nature of the people with whom you are working.

First, please make one thing in your mind, that we cannot trust anybody until and unless we know them personally. Even attimes close friends ends-up in embarrassing moments.

Everybody in the office will be having their own life and lifestyle. Please don't try to adapt them, which may spoil your originality.

Concentrate on your work with your full heart and mind, cos on your appraisal time, nothing will come and add values except your performance.

ofcourse there are some non-technical features which adds some points, but not that much.

AS you said, i agree with your point that, everybody will be friendly, sometimes you might wonder,"how come people are too friendly here?" but make sure that, they are not extracting any confidential information, taking pride on behalf of you.

As you are new, try to avoid indulging you in illegal activities and gossips.

Even if you spend very less time on others things, people will be keep on watching you, and somewhere somtimes, unknowingly if you make mistakes, they will blast this infront of everyone.

Regarding to Gossips, please wait for a while and understand who all are with you, "are they close to higher officials?" etc.

I have seen so many people who used to be very kind, talk to us with full laughing smileys, but their intention will be getting words from us about management or other person, which inturn make us to suffer.

There will be much politics that, even you cant imagine!

so work hard, until you get a name there, or till you get hands on the product upto the mark.

Make friends, have a hi bye relationship initially. if they are coming forward, you too can move forward, but not tat much extent.

Hope you know limits.

If you doesnot know anything, say to them that i need some time to get into it, other than rejecting it directly by say,"i am not aware of it"

Love you work, not the environment or the people who surrounds you,cos God has gifted you this work, and for getting this job only so many people are struggling outside.

Yup so many situations are there to enjoy there like, team lunch, team building, long trips, dayouts,TGIS, outdoor games, indoor games, disc[party], birthday bashes, festive games, culturals.

Enjoy those, but keep in mind, that they should not keep black mark near your name, just bcos you crossed the limit of enjoyment.

I guess, i have shared only defects and made you scared. :p

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