How to perk up your day


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
How to perk up your day

Have you been feeling lethargic through the week? Try these minor tweaks to your routine that will leave you feeling perky through the day

From physical to emotional, there are many issues that could be keeping you down. But it also could be something as simple as monotony. We give you a few things you can tweak in your life to pick yourself up.

Smell different
Don't just look good, smell better too. Spend a little time in your local mall sampling those perfume sticks, get a headache. It's worth it. Buy a perfume that doesn't just tingle your nose buds, but one that makes a statement. Now, remember that you have to go to work through the week, so don't go for one that is overpowering. Try one that is light, but classy. Reserve the strong ones for when you go partying.

Pick your clothes the night before
Your perception of how good you look influences your mood. It doesn't help if you are one of those who wake up late and put on the first thing you find in your closet. You can take an hour if want to mix and match, and see what you will look good in if you decide your clothes the night before. Don't just pick it out, wear it, and see if it fits you.

Sleep with your gadgets off
Sleep is often undermined in this increasingly competitive world. Your brain needs to recharge through the night, and the only way it can do that is through a good night's sleep. Turn your devices off before you go to bed. Spend some time planning the next day.

Recent research shows that being connected before sleeping may interrupt the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Start planning the weekend in the middle of the week
If you are one of those who start counting days to the weekend from Monday, try and give yourself something to look forward to midweek. Call your friends up, check websites for where the best party is happening, rent that movie you've been meaning to watch forever or plan a great date with your partner. When the midweek blues set in, you will have the weekend plans to day dream about.

Make lunch your 'me' time
In this information age, you are constantly connected. If it isn't work emails, then it is Facebook and Twitter. There have been a few studies that show that being bombarded with too much information makes your brain sluggish. To start off, completely unplug during lunch. Switch your cell phone off and do not eat at your terminal. It would be great if you can head out for lunch.

Spice things up in the bedroom
Sex is a great motivator. But if you've been doing it in the bedroom, things can get boring. Mix things up under the sheets. Do it in other areas of your house. Spice it up with role play. You'll be thinking about it through the week, and also looking forward to the next time. There's a whole sensual world out there waiting to be explored.

Morning workouts
Coming back from work and working out is not a bad idea. But if you want to start your day on a fresh note, there is not hing better than a great fitness routine in the morning. It doesn't need to be an intensive workout. All you need to do is set your alarm clock for a little earlier and go for a run. It will not just make you feel better, it will also make you healthier. So, work it out.

Eat healthy
How you eat also has an effect on your mood, ask your emotional eating friends. Try and eat lesser, but more often through the day. It will not affect the number of calories you consume, and you will feel full throughout, avoiding possible binges. Eating often keeps your metabolism running high, so you'll feel more lively and your insulin levels will stay constant too. Have a small bite every couple of hours. Five meals a day is a good way to keep it going.


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