How to Plan An Effective Weight Loss Exercise plan


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Jul 5, 2011
There are some effective tips on your weight loss exercises you could follow to help optimize fat reduction including; how often to exercise, the program structure, duration and type of training needed.

If you want to loose a pound of fat a week you need around a 3500 calorie deficit. This shouldn’t be done through weight loss exercises alone, but by also following a diet plan. This could be as simple as having smaller portions in your evening meal or switching to low fat mayonnaise in your sandwich at lunch, but whatever you try it’s important to remember that exercise and diet go hand in hand. Remember to always exercise at a pace that’s suitable for your fitness level, once you’ve built up your fitness you can increase your intensity.

How often

You should carry out your weight loss exercise program at least three times a week, but in reality to loose a pound of fat a week you’ll need more like five workouts. You don’t have to workout down the gym, running is an effective cardio exercise and can be done anywhere.

Structure of weight loss exercise

A mixture of high intensity cardio and strength training is best for stimulating the metabolism. Why not try interval training with your cardio to break things up and give a further boost to your metabolism? Remember you can have weights at home as well.


Aim for between forty-five and one and a half hours in each workout session. to help you stick to these times, you could draw up a timetable and pin it to your fridge as a reminder of your plan. You could also include a column in to which you can detail how long you have exercised, what exercise you did and how many approximate calories you would have lost.

Types of weight loss exercise

For your cardio component it is recommended you do something you enjoy and if you can fit a bit of interval training into it, like running, cycling or swimming, all the better. Boxing burns off 495 calories in forty-five minutes, basketball 432 and golf 261, so there’s a range of activities you could do. Strength training is important though so it’s necessary to also do some weight training with most sports.

Weight training

In your weight training component at least six different weigh loss exercises are recommended, with the aim being to work all muscle groups.

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